Please fill the Questionnaire for Capacitor Impregnation Plant Oil Polishing & Distillation Plant

Organization Details

Contact Details

How many transformers and of what literage do you intend servicing on a monthly basis?

What is the electrical power supply rating required? : eg. 220V/ 400V, AC, 3ph, 4 wire, 50 Hz.

Must the regeneration plant be of a mobile/Stationary or skid mounted type?

If mobile what are the trailer requirements? (without trailer head).

Do you require a split-type air conditioner in the operator section?

What lengths do yours require for the inlet and outlet flexible hoses? (The standard length supplied is 10 meters).

Would you require electrically operated Hose reels

What length do your require for the power cable? (The standard length supplied is 10 meters).

Do you require the facility to mix, blend and inject the DPBC additive? If yes, then it will include a suitable agitator in the mixing tank.

A spares list for 5 years will be recommended, yes or no?

All manuals and computer program will be in English only.

All measurements and instruments will be in metric only.

What is the nearest sea-port for delivery?

How many staff members will require training at our in-house training facility.

How many inspectors will attend the required inspection at our factory prior to packaging and shipping.

Will you require any custom exterior coating, colours or graphics?

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