• Undertake annual maintenance contracts of our supplied equipments.
  • Maintain an adequate stock of spare parts that can be supplied to our clients at any given time.
  • Offer on-site services as well as in-house repairs for all range of CEE DEE PRODUCTS.
  • Upgrade old machinery means of attachments, control upgradation, for CEE DEE product range.
  • Upgradation of existing vapour phase drying plants.
  • Conversion of hot air vacuum (Vacuum drying plant) into vapour phase drying plants.
  • Undertake training programmes for maintenance and operations of our products, transformers, oil sampling, transformer factory drying, on-site transformer installation, retro-filling and on-line regeneration process.

Besides servicing clients pan India, we have registered sales and service centres established in Sharjah, South Africa, Jordan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. This helps us to reach out to our international clients and meet the requirements across various regions. Our sales and services department is committed to attend to customers’ needs and even maintains a well-defined feedback mechanism.

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