Electrostatic Oil Cleaners are used for super cleaning of oil to NAS 1638 grade level. Efficiency of this machine to super clean the oil will be in the range of NAS 6-7. These machines are available with or without dehydration attachment. They work on high voltage laminar flow principle, catchhold magnetic/non-magnetic ferrous/non-ferrous material.

How it Works

Electrostatic oil cleaner systems use electrostatic precipitation to remove sub-micron particle of insoluble material, without affecting soluble oil additives. Tiny particles are electrostatically driven to and captured on positively or negatively charged walls of electrodes. Large particles are trapped in the resin impregnated cellulose filter. Coalescing filter in dehydration cell is used for removal of moisture/water up to 5000 PPM. Modern additives-treated oil is highly resistant to deterioration; it can continue service indefinitely if kept clean and contamination free.


  • Plastic Machinery
  • Construction Machinery
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Aviation
  • Mining Machinery
  • Transmission
  • Equipments
  • Machine Tools
  • Automobile Industry etc
  • Power Press
  • Sugar Mill
  • Turbine Oil In Hydropower
  • Instrumentation and Refrigeration
  • Earth Moving Equipments
  • Aluminium / Non Ferrous Extrusion Plant
  • Plywood Hot Press
  • Servo Valve - Controlled Hydraulic System
  • Leather Processing


Specially designed construction

Instead of the conventional rectangular shape, oil tanks are designed cylindrically, using stainless steel to ensure faster cleaning and less power consumption.

Varied Voltage

CDOC unit is provided with a transformer for voltage variation. This can be altered as per requirement, resulting in optimum level of contamination removal. While most brands function in only two modes – high and low—CDOC ensures that only required power is consumed and the efficiency is optimal.

Moisture Removal

CDOC is the only unit in its class to provide dehydration cell for eliminating water/moisture up to 5000 PPM as compared to any other manufacturer's unit that offers only 500 PPM.

PLC Display

The unit is provided with a PLC two line alpha numeric display to access information on status of unit while on running mode, fault detection in machine and safety precaution for user.

Selection Guide

Type Size (L x B x H) Pump Flow
CDOC - 08 400x330x700 3 LPM
CDOC - 25 475x330x819 5 LPM
CDOC - 50 525x550x885 10 LPM
CDOC - 110 825x550x885 10 LPM
CDOC - 220 1150x550x885 20 LPM

CDOC Cleans:

  • Contamination up to < 0.01 µ
  • Metallic contaminants
  • Non-metallic contaminants
  • Dust, rust, sludge, tar Carbon particles


  • No more frequent oil changes.
  • No attendance required during operation.
  • Cleans particles from any non-conductive fluid.
  • Improves performance of hydraulic components to meet high speed and precision required in today’s computerised hydraulic control systems.
  • Eliminates oil-related breakdowns such as pump, motor, valve failures and leakages.


  • Eliminates oil disposal and recycling issues.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Reduces power consumption.
  • Efficient design makes possible m/c to run under moisture presence of 5000 ppm MAX. Lightweight, therefore easy to handle.
  • Machine has two line alfa numeric display with auto alarm.

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