Since 1988 Cee Dee Vacuum Equipment Private Limited is a leader in design, manufacture, install and commissioning of large auto-claves, pressure vessels, agitators in accordance with ASME code.

State of art computerized controls are provided inclusions like interactive screens, data acquisitions, trending etc.

The autoclaves are tailor made built from lab size to large and high production models.

Cee Dee vacuum is product of its ability to design and manufacture the complete system which confirms the requirement of end user. Every system is unique in nature and designed carefully to meet the guaranteed performance. Also the operation safety is considered in our design.

Standard Features:

  • Encapsulated Blower Motor
  • Blower Motor Design
  • Methods of placing and securing insulation
  • Location of typical electrical heating unit
  • Single pass cooling coil with precise temperature control
  • “Man-Inside” emergency alarm
  • ASME approved safety relief valve and rapture disk
  • Quick opening door

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